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Barry Bradham and Heroes Linked Join Hand to Build a Better Community

Entrepreneurs Barry Bradham and David Tenenbaum have united to empower veterans and build a better community.

Barry Bradham and David Tenenbaum are both successful entrepreneurs, but their alignment goes beyond business achievements. These two respected individuals have united to empower veterans to reach their peak personal and economic potential, equipping them with the skills and connections they need for success.

Barry Bradham’s mission is to nurture entrepreneurship and guide individuals toward success. Heroes Linked, co-founded by David Tenenbaum, is a career success network dedicated to supporting those who have honorably served our nation and their families. Our recent collaboration with Heroes Linked is a testament to this shared commitment.

Barry Bradham and Heroes Linked Join Hand to Build a Better Community

This event was a coming together of values and actions. Just as Barry and David recognized the significance of mentors in their lives, we recognize the importance of supporting our heroes as they transition into the civilian world.

Heroes Linked is more than a resource; it’s a lifeline for veterans seeking to excel in their post-military careers. Our agency’s collaboration with Heroes Linked means more than sponsorship – it’s a genuine effort to provide resources and guidance to those who have given so much.

And it was just the beginning. Keep an eye on our social media channels, blog, and website as we continue our journey of collaboration and empowerment. Our commitment to creating a positive impact will resonate through our ongoing efforts, underscoring the importance of unity and shared purpose.

About Barry Bradham

Barry Bradham is a dynamic entrepreneur whose journey encapsulates the transformative power of perseverance and proactive decision-making. Rising from humble beginnings, he embarked on a challenging path, driven by an unwavering determination to convert dreams into reality and foster a more promising future for himself.

His entrepreneurial path spawned diverse businesses. Surfline Media, a testament to his digital prowess, crafts innovative strategies in the online landscape, propelling business growth. Barry is also the driving force behind EntreEngage, an entrepreneurial community that fosters knowledge exchange and networking to fuel innovation, and BFW Displays, a venture specializing in printed branding solutions.

About Heroes Linked

Heroes Linked is a career success network dedicated to supporting veterans and their families. It is a free, online platform that connects veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses with private-sector professionals who can offer career advice, job assistance, and mentoring.

Heroes Linked was founded in 2010 by David Tenenbaum, a former Navy SEAL. David saw the need for a resource that would help veterans transition to civilian life and find meaningful careers. David is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the First and Goal Project, a non-profit organization that helps individuals in transition achieve their career goals by providing training, certification, education, and mentoring.


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