In simple words, Passion is described as something that drives you towards happiness. It is the key element that helps you work towards ‘mastery’. Passion gives you solace, a fighting spirit, new experiences, helps you achieve the extraordinary, and provides meaning to your life.
Passion drives different areas of life be it traveling, cooking, singing, or running a successful business. Yes, Entrepreneurial Passion is an important aspect to step on the ladder of success. It is defined as the motivational characteristics backed by positive emotional arousal, engagement with meaningful work, and internal drive.
Many successful entrepreneurs are passionate because of their ‘never give up attitude’. One of them is Barry Bradham who is a passionate entrepreneur, and founder of Vizmar Technologies, Surfline Media, Boardshort Millionaire and Barry states that he never felt burdened because of the entrepreneurial ‘passion’ that drives him to work towards greatness. He states about many successful ventures like Starbucks, Motorola, Nike, etc., and the minds behind these ventures. Even Barry talks about how advanced technology gave his business a competitive edge, and he set up the venture providing marketing automation tools and quirky banners and flags.
This shows how passion keeps one focused and drives towards venture success. Read on to know how passion is an important predictor of entrepreneurial success.
Helps You Stay In The Business Game
Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride, as it is not a cakewalk but a complete package of trials and errors. You may be excited one minute and anxious the other. But, passion is something that drives your business game. It never lets you backfire and never let the idea of ‘giving up’ cross your mind for once. Passion helps you not to see your work as mere work but something that you are always excited for like the Barry Bradham passionate entrepreneur.
Hard Work Looks Bearable
We live in the generation of smart work but the people who put much hard work to make their venture a success go through negative emotions sometimes. This is because they are missing out on ‘passion’. If you are passionate, then the long working hours you put in your work do pay in the long-run.
Makes You Successful
Passion is stated to be a key to an entrepreneur’s creativity. You need to possess zeal and enthusiasm when you are selling your products/services to your customers. If you are showing confidence in your products ultimately your potential audience will believe you. Being a passionate entrepreneur helps you to become a game-changer. As Barry Bradham mentions here about Dan Sullivan’s statement on the ‘game-changer’, “He defines game-changer as the one who introduces something powerful and valuable to the marketplace that even their competitors want to be the customers.”
Overcomes The Fear Of Failure
Failure is the hard truth that many of us want to avoid. Fear of failure disrupts your ability to do better in life but passion is the key to meaningful work. It will help you to keep away with the fearful mindset and helps you move past these stumbling blocks in business seamlessly. Passion keeps your thoughts positive and helps produce successful results.
Passion is seen as the key driver towards entrepreneurial success that helps businesses to continue achieving their goals in the long run. So, when difficulties arise passion helps you to avoid any form of negative thoughts and provides you consistency like Barry Bradham.